Identify, Attract and Win Clients

Let's get your selling more by positioning your business with clear offers

At SmartCat Marketing we know that you want to be a savvy business owner swamped with sales. To do that, you need to attract the right kind of clients. The problem is you’ve been going in circles doing all the things you've been told to do in your marketing, but you're still not seeing the results for all your hard work. This can leave you feeling anxious about your business’s future. I’ll help you simplify it by using a simple , easy-to-implement framework and effective methods for building trust and delivering irresistible offers.

Hi, I'm Nicole Gallant

I'm here to help you sell more with clear messaging and offers that speak loudly

Your Marketing & Selling Partner

Creating all your marketing initiatives all by yourself is problematic. As your savvy partner, with over 20 years of knowledge and experience working with thousands of businesses, attracting buyers to their online spaces, you can focus on delighting your clients rather than worrying how to get them in the door or book a call with you.

What you'll get

Making money isn't a secret - it's a strategy - a plan of action you implement. Get Unstuck. I'll help you with actionable activities to get you going in the right profitable direction.

  • You'll close the gap between you and your client with relatable content

  • You'll be able to articulate your story as a solution and avoid sleazy pitching with confidence and conviction

  • Your client will know exactly the problem you solve

  • You get support and accountability - 2 coaching sessions, with me, to help you implement everything I teach you

Let's get you selling more

The Smart Selling Masterclass

If you want to generate more consistent revenue but you don't want to sound salesy and you'd like to avoid hassling people in their DM's because hustling gives you anxiety, this is for YOU! My signature masterclass is created to teach you why people buy and how to get them to choose you over your competitor. We focus on your solution - the outcome you provide your clients. At the end of this class, you will have an easy-to-implement kick ass brand script that will attract the people to the problem you solve.
Nicole Gallant

What participants are saying

Carissa Bordeleau


Your Smart Selling program has made me realize how important it is to nail down my ideal customer and build trust with them. It helped me understand that if I'm trying to talk to everyone, I'm talking to no one. You taught me how to convey that emotion, that feeling, that impact that my ideal customer will feel after choosing my service. After going through your course, I feel confident that I can solve my ideal clients’ problems and I now have the words to convey this. Thank you for giving me clarity!

Millie Kirk

WFG Financial Professional

"I had tried sales training programs before but I never understood how all of the pieces fit together. The Smart Selling Masterclass connected the dots for me. Nicole broke down the steps and then reframed it in a way that was easy to understand. That was gold for me! I’m so excited to now be able to confidently move forward in my business with the tools I gained from this program."

Allison Smith

Dandelion Digital

When Nicole offers a workshop, or live session, I jump on it when I can. When I heard her speak at a conference about not "pitching" your business, it really stuck with me. To talk about what I do as a solution, rather than an elevator pitch is some of the best advice starting my new business.